Julian Cossmann Cooke

Special guest

Julian’s training as a maker of bowed instruments began with the former director of the Mittenwald (Germany) Violin Making School, master maker Karl Roy. He studied with Karl, and with Jim Robinson and Zoran Stilin at the Violin Craftsmanship Institute in Durham, New Hampshire. Julian continued his training with Charles Woolf, Georg Meiwes, Sanghoon Lee, and Aubrey Alexander at the Violin Making School of America in Salt Lake City. He hones his craft through relationships with other makers, participation in the summer workshops that bring the foremost practitioners of instrument making, repair and restoration to Oberlin College to collaborate and share knowledge, and membership in the Violin Society of America (VSA). Julian currently serves as second vice president of the VSA Board of Directors.

Julian plays violin for pleasure with Heather, a music major in college and a player of the oboe and the cello.

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